About YPA
About Yayasan Panorama Anugerah

Yayasan Panorama Anugerah (YPA) or Panorama Foundation established in 2010 and conceptualized to work on social community projects focused on 3 main platform programs: Movement (Panorama Indonesia), Sustainable (Panorama Berdaya), and Philanthropy (Panorama Peduli). Panorama Foundation is now focusing to enriched the quality of life, products and economic of the local communities.



Our CSR program implemented into 3 type:

    As movement program that been created to induce public conscientiousness to appreciate our tourism assets and potentials, to increase the emotional engagement onto Indonesian tourism and at the end will triggering out new inspirations in term of support for advancement of our tourism in Indonesia.
    Some development programs that focus on sustainable development goal had held which intended for components of tourism; such as destinations, local communities, and Small and Medium Enterprises; in order to keep them grow, either by improving their quality as well as their local economy level by doing trainings and travel based-vocational education.
    A philanthropic activities that are adjusted to the circumstances or situations that occurs which related with social concern. For example support the victims of force majeure also involve in adhoc activities such as donations for education, environment improvement, collect donation for children, disable or orphanage or short class program for unwealthy childrens.